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I am an artist and a writer. I have a PhD in Art History and an MA in Contemporary Art Theory, both awarded by Essex University in 2012 and 2007 respectively. Simultaneous to academic research I have always made my own art

and have developed a particularly powerful style of art writing through this distinctive and ongoing combination.

I am available as a writer to support artists in the production of exhibition catalogue essays, biographies and artist statements. If this is a something that you seek, please contact me for further details. I include fragments of previously commisioned essays here under the writing section of the website for your viewing.


Unusually, although perhaps notably similar to the career of Roland Penrose, as both artist and writer I have a good understanding of studio practice as well as the progession and recurring themes in art history. The hope is that I write about art in an especially sensitive and insightful way. I have purposefully rejected the cool distancing techniques of my art historian training, along with the impetus to become an authority on/over a particular artist or movement. Instead I throw myself into art writing excited and head first, into the deepest darkest depths, not shying away from the most problematic and unfathomable of themes, or from back and forth dialogue with artists. I revel in territories of the unknown and understand that I provide only supportive words for great objects that already speak clearly without me. I aim to apply poetry and conjure atmosphere in my texts, content in my decision that art writers are not here to compete with art (as you may typically find) but rather to create something else, to weave words that exist at once umbilically connected to the works that they describe, whilst at the same time becoming other and themselves.


Broadly speaking, both in the art that I like to write about and the art that I make, I specialise in the work of women artists, themes of identity, experiences of melancholy and of motherhood, and in the legacies and roots of Surrealism.

I would not be able to braid threads together so happily or confidently without the friendship and wonderous work of fellow artists Charlotte Lindsay, Eline van den Boogaard, Wen Wu, Lynn Hatzius, Jenni Allen, Marcelle Hanselaar and Andrew Litten. I live in London, UK, with my family.

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