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R. Baillie, Lines

Current Exhibition:  *Wild Anatomies*   Date: 7th- 30th June, 2024. Location: 228 Chingford Mount Road, London, E4 8JL, UK. A group exhibition that explores the connection between the human body and plant life specifically looking at patterns and formations in cells, vessels, organs and how these can be seen to mirror each other. We are looking to emphasize the intrinsic relationship between the natural world and our own bodies though a microscopic survey of plants and human anatomy. *Open Wed.-Fri. 10am-4pm and Sat.+Sun. 12noon-6pm until June 30th* :)


I am an artist and a writer. I have a PhD in Art History and an MA in Contemporary Art Theory, both awarded by Essex University, UK. Alongside academic research I

have always made art and have developed a powerful style of art writing through this  distinctive and ongoing combination. I am available to support other artists in the production of exhibition catalogues, biographies and artist statements. I include    fragments of previously commissioned essays under the 'writing' section of the website.


Broadly speaking, both in the art that I like to write about and the art that I make, I specialise in the work of women artists, themes of identity, experiences of melancholy and of motherhood, and in the legacies and roots of Surrealism. I would not be able to braid threads together so happily or confidently without the friendship and wondrous work of fellow artists Charlotte Lindsay, Eline van den Boogaard, Wen Wu, Lynn Hatzius, Jenni Allen, Marcelle Hanselaar and Temsuyanger Longkumer. I grew up on a pig farm in Lancashire and now live in London with my family.

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