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… For those who wish to confront the world and to exist within it but to deny any sort of connectivity as they tread harshly on the earth’s soft ground, this will be a difficult exhibition to follow. For those who thoughtfully acknowledge that we are a small but integral part of a larger universe - moving through a cosmic place that is shared and that gives and shows us everything if we only we allow ourselves to feel it’s gifts - seeing this exhibition will be like breathing fresh air and drinking cool water. In quiet defiance of what is outwardly a rapidly changing society, the art of Charlotte Lindsay and Wen Wu is ‘between us, everywhere everywhere’, presenting life at its greatest depths, and revealing what is so obvious that it has become completely secret, that is; all that we are, have been and ever will be.


The work by each artist is at once very different and totally connected. Like fellow female artists making work before them, namely the Swedish painter Hilma af Klint and the Austrian artist Birgit Jürgenssen, Wu and Lindsay are surrounded by a small group of like minded female artists who provide unconditional support and have a tendency to explore similar themes…

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Between Us, 2014

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